Empowering People to Live Within a World of Peace

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World Peace Pledge Scripting For Peace
Empowering  People to Live Within a World of Peace

Banding For Peace
Uniting all world citizens, in the spirit of brotherhood, and throughout all nations, to achieve everlasting peace within our world; by encouraging all world citizens, of all ages, to represent and lead a new era of peace within all governments and cultures throughout our world.

World Peace Pledge
We, as people living within a world of different governments and cultures, truly understand that there are and forever will be differences throughout our world; and these differences need not be challenged with aggression, but rather looked upon with a willingness to seek understanding, and if misunderstandings do exist, we shed solutions by being the very examples of encouraged change in a humanitarian and compassionate way.

Dedicated to The Existence of World Peace
I forward the above World Peace Pledge on to the world's people, and humbly ask in return that people throughout our world will forever bear this commitment, and forever cherish the fruits of world peace.
©David J. Grasso 2012

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